Imagine the Possibilities

By: Jenni Huotari, Partner, Director of the Possibilities Center

I’ve been an accountant my whole career. Believe it or not, I love numbers and everything about them. I love what they can tell you about a business, how they can project the next stage of growth or predict what needs to change.

Numbers can also tell you about a community. For instance, the population can tell you that Fargo and the surrounding communities are growing. Area organizations can tell you that our business community is thriving.

Essential to this business community is the entrepreneurial and startup movement. This movement is awesome … awe inspiring. These individuals are developing their own products, filling needs in our community, becoming their own boss. They’ve taken risks and jumped in with both feet to create, envision and, hopefully, succeed.

That’s why I’m proud to head the newly formed Possibilities Center within Eide Bailly’s Fargo office. Its concept is simple: helping businesses imagine what’s possible.

Through a variety of services, we’re helping businesses and startups get out of the day-to-day operation of their organization and instead concentrate on doing what they love. These services include:

  • Business planning
  • CFO 2.0
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Tax Services
  • Technology
  • Your End Game

Update_Handout_Startup Week_2015_Page_2


We’re excited to help these small to mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurial startups grow and thrive in our community. Let’s imagine what’s possible.

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