Yes We Can!

Guest Blog by: Jessica Dehn of Launching You Now

My two year old son has recently become a big fan of Bob the Builder. I would randomly hear him announce as he was playing with his toys;

Digger: “Hi, can we build it?”
Bulldozer: “Yes, We Can.”

Occasionally, he would be trying to get me to do something with him and he would announce with enthusiasm – usually contagious – “Yes, we can!”

Keaton: “Can we make hot chocolate, Mom? Yes we can! Let’s go.”
Me: “Uh, sure.” I may be a push over but why would I say no to that?

I actually didn’t know where this was coming from since watching Bob is part of his nightly Daddy Date and I had never seen an episode.

I am grateful for his encouragement and enthusiasm – whether his intention was directed at me or getting a chocolate fix. My sons can do attitude was something I needed to hear. Neck-deep in starting my business, “Yes, we can,” was sometimes the only thing that kept my head above water.

Inspiration from the Prairie Den, Fargo

Inspiration from the Prairie Den, Fargo

Many times, the next item on the never ending list of things to do is an item I am not actually sure I can do. I want to panic. I want to hire the job done. I want to skip it. I want to phone a friend. That is when I have learned, I have to take a breath and push through the fear. My two companions, YouTube and Google, are always there to offer direction so I am truly never alone to figure it out on my own. So far – in every case – I have been able to get the job done.

Being an entrepreneur we are always being called on to wear so many hats, it almost always overwhelming. Today I will choose take a lesson from my two year old business coach and believe, “Yes, we can.”

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