5 Expo Tips to Increase Sales

Guest Blog by: Jessica Dehn of Launching You Now


5. Entice appropriate leads. Save up for a prize your perfect client would love. One they would be willing to sacrifice a space in their email to win. Be creative. This doesn’t have to be expensive but it does have to fit them to a T.

4. Invite them in. Pushing your table to the outer edge of your booth space like most other presenters is tempting. Getting closer to the client means you will get to “touch” more of them, right. Wrong. Just like whispering to a young child forces them to lean in to hear, stepping back from the outer edge of the booth space forces potential customers to come into your space, your turf. This pulls them from the throng of tire kickers; gives them room to step forward and see you. It lets you know, they are interested, in you.

3. Thank you gifts. Most companies toss out a bunch of trinkets and hope that they will get a call. It doesn’t work. You may choose to use a low cost item to get your name out. I usually just put out my cards and maybe a candy. I get promotional items to hand out to individuals who take the time to talk to me. Find a gift that will be used by your perfect client. Again, something that fits them, that won’t get tossed.

2. Signage. Size matters. Resist the lure to get lots of text/info on your signs. Fonts need to be large and readable from a minimum of 20 feet while moving. If you have more than a couple of words…passers by won’t read any of them. I love to use pictures that illustrate the feeling I want buyers to have with my logo and a couple of key words at most.

1. Get out and about. Many of the people you want to meet won’t happen by your booth. No problem. Make a plan to find them or meet them where they are…often in their booth.

Get more pre and post show tips for increasing sales and making the most of your next expo at launchingyounow.com.

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