Introducing The BWC to Fargo

Well folks, we have some exciting news. We’re officially launching The Business Women’s Circle in Fargo. Don’t be shocked, we hinted at this last week.

The Business Women’s Circle (BWC), is designed to help area woman business owners find a “circle” of advisors. The concept hails from Minneapolis (learn more) and provides a confidential and collaborative process for business owners and executives to serve as trusted peers to other circle members and share their questions, advice and inspiration.

Sounds sweet. Tell me more.

There will be two different groups in Fargo, a CEO group and an executive group. The executive circle is designed for women leaders, not owners, in their organizations. It focuses on helping members develop their skills in business, leadership and life.

Space in each of the circles is limited to 12 participants each.

Time commitment?

Circles meet monthly for approximately three hours, not only to learn from their group, but also to set goals and check progress.

And before you think, hey I can just do this with my girlfriends, we’ll note that these are professionally facilitated and designed to help your organization succeed. “The professional facilitator role is key in making sure our members stay focused on – not just in – their business. Facilitators use the collective wisdom of the group to help members learn from each other,” says Lani Basa, CEO of The BWC.

Why are my favorite numbers nerds getting involved in this?

We’ll tell you again, we want businesses to succeed and grow. We believe entrepreneurship is key to the success of our community. We also know that women face a unique set of challenges when it comes to running their own business. The BWC concept is an excellent way to encourage healthy, thriving businesses in our area.

Okay, you have me hooked. Where do I go to sign up?

There will be a kickoff meeting for interested parties on Thursday, April 14 from 3 to 5 p.m. at Eide Bailly, 4310 17th Aves S, Fargo. If you want to register, email so we have the right amount of refreshments.

Women's Business Circles




2 comments on “Introducing The BWC to Fargo

  1. Lani Basa says:

    Looking forward to meeting the business women of Fargo!


  2. […] in April, we filled you in on something exciting and new coming to the Fargo Moorhead community: The Business Women’s Circle. As a refresher, the BWC is […]


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