Keep ‘em coming back for more – 5 tips for keeping employees engaged

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there … waking up at the crack of dawn, hitting the snooze button a few too many times, dragging ourselves to the shower, and dreading the work day that lies ahead of us. We get to work, go through the motions, and question if this is the job we really want to have.

The feeling of dreading work can take a toll on your employees, as well as your company. It can lead to sickness, lack of motivation and a decrease in productivity, to name a few (source). We’re guessing this is not what you want for your employees or company.

So how do you change this perception? Here are five tips keep your employees happy and excited about coming to work.

  1.  Emphasize the all-important balance between work and life. Life happens. Whether it be a child’s dance recital, or being under the weather, employees have matters that need to be attended to outside of the workplace. Instead of offering the usual 9-5 routine, offer your workers some flexibility so they can have time for life’s activities. Provide them with options to create a balance- whether it be the option to work from home, or maybe flexible, non-conventional hours. Giving employees this flexibility not only lets them participate in life outside of work, but also helps them understand the value placed on them by their employer. A company that understands and relates to its employees can lead to satisfied, motivated workers.
  2. Get feedback from employees….and do something about it! We get it. Sometimes harsh feedback can be a challenge to take action on. However, if an employee takes the time to give feedback, by all means, act on it! If an employee is willing to give feedback, this means he or she would like to see something changed, or that he or she likes what they have been working with. See employee feedback as an opportunity to better the workplace, and to improve on the workplace atmosphere.
  3. Hire according to the company culture. Your company possesses a strong set of values and ethics that should be adhered to at all times. It’s important your employees do just that. Employers want their employees to be living, breathing examples of the culture embodied by their company, and having employees who do just that will help build a strong, successful workplace environment. So, even though you may like the interviewee with the inappropriately funny humor that doesn’t quite fit with your company, choose the one that fits the culture that your company is known for.
  4. Have Show & Tell. Throwback to 1st grade- except this time, it’s the adult version, and by adult, we mean ideas! Lots of ideas! The thing is, ideas can come from virtually anywhere in a company, and often times, that fact gets overlooked. You never know what might be brewing in someone’s head … you hired some smart people after all. Consider hosting a day once a month in a common area where any and all employees can come and share ideas, plans, and projects that may benefit some aspect of the company. A simple event like this generates creativity, and shows employees that their ideas and thoughts are truly valued. This can also help build employee to employee relationships, as employees will often comment on, and build off of others’ ideas.
  5. Get some face time. And no, we don’t mean using your iPhone. To encourage face to face communication, and even some physical activity, pick one day out of your workweek and designate it as “no talking through technology day”. On this day, employees will not be able to communicate via phone, email, or instant message, but instead in a face to face setting. Seems a little crazy, right? Well, not only will employees be actually talking to each other in person rather than from behind a screen, but they will also be getting up and moving around rather than sitting in one place all day. The walks employees take to meet with coworkers encourage physical activity, and it has been shown that small breaks throughout the work day actually increase productivity.

Remember, these are just suggestions … though we think they’re pretty good ones. So use these, or brainstorm other ideas to keep your employees coming back for more, without feeling the dread of going to work!

One comment on “Keep ‘em coming back for more – 5 tips for keeping employees engaged

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