Four Reasons to Outsource Human Resources

 You have a dream, but you need more than your vision to make it a reality. You need the best people strategies in place and that means taking on human resources (HR). HR, in its most basic sense, is any function related to the employees of an organization, from recruitment to exit.

We’ve mentioned it over and over again, but this is important: happy, satisfied employees make for a thriving, successful business. After all, where would your business be without employees? Your company’s HR services should instill a sense of culture and belonging for your employees and encourage them to be efficient and productive in the workplace.

The well-being of your employees is a lot to put on a team’s plate, especially if it’s a small team … or just you. So what do you do if your HR people are overwhelmed?

We figure HR isn’t why you got into business. In fact, you may not have even the slightest clue where to begin when it comes to HR. Enter the world of HR OUTSOURCING.

No, we’re not making this up. In fact, out of the 40-50% of companies using outsourcing, 11% of them are outsourcing human resources.

Outsourcing your company’s HR practices can be very beneficial to your company, and can give you more time to get back to the reason you got into business in the first place.

Here are four reasons why outsourcing HR services can be beneficial to your company, and can help you get down to business the way you intended:

  1. Rolling in the Dough | Choosing to outsource your HR practices can save your company some serious money that can be allocated to other areas that need it! By outsourcing, you won’t have to hire as many employees to complete various HR tasks, thus saving money when it comes to payroll and benefits. Yes, you will have to pay to outsource, but the cost of outsourcing is cheaper than adding numerous employees to the HR department.
  2. Gettin’ Down to Business | One of the main reasons HR outsourcing is used is to ensure the HR department runs smoothly. For example, if your business suddenly faces an increase of items that need to be processed, your outsourced HR services can work with this, thus allowing your HR workers to focus on their day-to-day tasks. Hence, more efficiency and less fire drills. Keeping your company running as it always has is an important benefit of HR outsourcing that should not be overlooked.
  3. Avoid Turnover Troubles | So you’ve recently had a turnover of employees in your HR department. Now you only have a few employees left, and they can’t do everything on their own. Imagine the effects on your business if payroll suddenly halted! Human resource outsourcing is a great way to be sure that even if you have some employee turnover in your HR department, your company’s core functions won’t suffer. Instead of trying to replace the employee, train the new employee, and get all of the old employees work done, HR outsourcing can take care of the details so you don’t have to worry about what to do next.
  4. Big or Small-One Size Fits All | You may be thinking that your business is too small and that outsourcing HR doesn’t apply to your company. But, the truth is even small to mid-sized businesses and startups can reap many benefits from outsourced HR practices. Your business may be small enough that it simply doesn’t have the budget (or even enough space) to hire an in house HR director, or you may be too busy to worry about HR because you are focusing on getting your company up and running. This is where outsourcing comes in. By outsourcing, you give yourself, as well as your company, more time to focus on growth and other important tasks to make your business successful, rather than putting time into something you may not have the time or resources for.

Seem like a lot? We can help. There are many ways that outsourcing HR practices can help meet the unique needs of your business. Contact Lisa to learn more.


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