Meet the Team: Ashley Cossette (@ashleymcossette)

AshleyWhat’s my role?

My role in the Possibilities Center is two-fold.

Accounting Coach 1.0

I lead our Accounting Coach 1.0 services. This means I provide education and training for on-staff accounting professionals.

Fun Fact: I started my college career in elementary education however transitioned into accounting.

As an accounting coach, I get to combine two of my passions: teaching and accounting. I am an on-call accounting resource, helping our clients with anything from the basics of accounting to more complex accounting transactions and issues.

In addition to being an on-call accounting resource, I help create and facilitate learning opportunities such as lunch n’ learns, panels, customized training sessions and manuals. My goal as a coach is to increase financial literacy at all levels within a business from the bookkeeper to the owner.


In this role, I get to focus on my creative side (yes, numbers nerds have them too) with a goal of improving our current offerings through process improvement or technology advancement and finding new offerings to provide value to our clients (or potential clients).

Why are numbers important?

The numbers are essential to decision making in a business.

The numbers are used to obtain financing or investment dollars (sometimes this is all a business needs to stay above the water or take their vision to the next level), to report to regulatory agencies such as the IRS (and they aren’t fans when the information you provide is incorrect), to incentivize employee performance, or to go after a new market or product line or service offering … the list goes on.

Time and time again, I have seen the negative impact of inaccurate financial data on a business. Understanding the numbers (and having good numbers) can mean the success of a business.

Why do I want you to succeed?

Happiness. It brings me great joy to help others learn and achieve their goals. In addition, I value the relationships that are built in the business of helping others.


Fargo embodies the meaning of community. Fargoans truly care about the well-being of others, that doesn’t exist everywhere. From a business standpoint, I am continually amazed by the entrepreneurial community. It is a community of individuals and businesses working together to make great ideas happen but also give back to the community as a whole. Fargo is a great place to be a part of something bigger.


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