Six Benefits of Teamwork in Your Business

By Kayla Koehmstedt, Marketing Intern

Team /tēm/ Noun: A group of persons associated together in work or activity.

At some point in our lives, we have all likely had to work in some type of team. Maybe it was a group project in college, or perhaps some coworkers collaborating on a presentation. It’s possible that you really enjoyed working on this team, or you really couldn’t stand it. However you feel about teamwork, it’s hard to deny that it is vital in ensuring tasks get completed smoothly. Teamwork is actually very beneficial to small businesses and startups as well!

Not sure how teamwork could be beneficial to your company? Here are six benefits of teamwork in the workplace.

Encourages Creativity and Learning | It is hard to deny that creativity thrives when people work together on a team. Brainstorming as a team often leads to many new ideas being brought to light, that may have otherwise been hidden. Teamwork is said to maximize shared knowledge and communication in the workplace as well.

Each individual on a team is different and has different experiences, ideas and talents. When multiple people come together and share their individual differences, many new ideas are born from feeding off of each teammate. Teamwork stirs up excitement that, when working alone, is usually not present. This excitement can also produce new idea generation and creativity, which will ultimately lead to the team having more intellectual resources to work with to make their project be successful.

Blends Talents | You’ve hired some pretty neat people to work for your company, and you saw something in each of them that sparked your excitement to add them to your team. It is likely that each of them had some unique talents and characteristics that you knew would be beneficial to helping your company be successful.

Teamwork allows for all of your employees to come together and share their talents with one another, and feed off of each other’s unique offerings. Often times, teams work extremely well because they are able to blend their members’ talents and work with each other’s strengths. One team member may be great at event planning, while another might be excellent at public speaking. Putting these various talents together helps the team work smoothly, and team members often rely on each other to bring individual talents to the table to benefit the team as a whole.

Builds Trust | Trust is a vital part of any business, no matter the size. Trust builds a foundation to grow on, and without it, the business could crumble and fall. This foundation is built from trusting relationships, which are a common byproduct of teamwork.

Teammates place trust in one another to uphold and complete their duties in the team, in order to make the team be successful. Failing to do what is told of them can result in breaking trust, leading to the team foundation crumbling.

With strong trust throughout teammates, not only does the foundation hold firm and steady, but it is also able to grow and evolve into something much bigger and permanent. Teamwork is a great way to build trust between employees, and to create relationships that keep the business growing.

Teaches Conflict Resolving Skills | Conflicts are inevitable, especially when you put together a unique mix of people. This is extremely true for teams. Employees have different work styles, ideas and talents. Many times these unique characteristics come together and result in the success of the team, but often they can also generate conflict between the team members.

Conflict that arises in team situations can hinder the progress of the team, and needs to be solved as quickly as possible. Because of this, employees are forced to solve the conflict themselves, rather than turning to management or an outside party. Learning how to manage and resolve conflict in a team can be very beneficial for employees, as they can apply this skill to any form of conflict they may run into throughout the organization.

Develops a Sense of Ownership | Teamwork is a great way for employees to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in the contributions they put into work. It also helps employees feel connected to the company and builds loyalty. This can lead to a higher level of job satisfaction and enjoyment for the employees.

Not only is teamwork beneficial for the employees, but it is also beneficial to the employer as well. Employees who feel a sense of connection to their company are more likely to stay with the company and, as we’ve mentioned before, you want to keep the awesome people you hired! (In case you forgot, check out this blog on hiring the right people.) One of the top reasons employees leave a company is that they feel their contributions to the company don’t seem to matter. Teamwork allows employees to add to the bigger picture of the company, and to be engaged with what is happening in the organization.

Encourages Risk-Taking – The Healthy Kind | Risk taking is an extremely important part of any business, but especially those small to mid-sized businesses as well as startups. After all, you take the risk of starting a brand new endeavor. Usually, it can be somewhat difficult for one person to take a risk. He or she may be afraid of the consequences that stem from a failed idea. However, when in a team setting, people may be willing to take more risks because they realize failure does not fall back on them alone.

In fact, team members are more likely to take risks because they know they have a support system behind them if a failure was to occur. Not only do they have a support system, but they also have their team members to offer advice and guidance. And, if the risk pays off, the whole team is able to share in the success, just as they would if it was a failure. In many cases, the riskiest of risks actually turns out to be a very successful idea, so having the skill to know when to take that jump can be very beneficial.



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