How Accountability Can Help Your Organization Succeed

You have a lot of great ideas, but nothing’s really getting accomplished. Or, you’re trying to move things along on a project, only to find out no one really knows who’s in charge of the project.

Welcome to the need for one of the most important aspects of a successful business. ACCOUNTABILITY.

Why you may ask?

Accountability provides the roadmap to get things done.

When there is accountability in an organization, the employees know what is expected of them and what they can expect from the organization. Not only does accountability help foster a positive work environment, it also helps increase the overall performance of the business. Who doesn’t want that?

So how can you create accountability in your business? Here are a few tips:

  1. Have clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Do your employees know their place on the bus? Do your employees know what their overall responsibilities are? How about their day-to-day expectations? Do your employees know what their critical success factors are?Critical Success Factors – what an employee needs to accomplish to succeed and help the business succeed.
  2. Give your employees a sense ownership. Do your employees feel that they are a part of something bigger; that their performance matters to the business as a whole? Do they feel they have control over the measurements they’re being evaluated on?
  3. Build a trusting team environment. Do your employees feel they are able to give and receive feedback without ramifications? Do your employees feel they are able to seek information from other team members?
  4. Give your employees the resources and knowledge to make decisions. Are your employees empowered to make day-to-day decisions regarding tasks? Do they have the freedom to make those decisions?
  5. Don’t make it about punishment– rather, make it about improvement. When your employees fall short, are you the first to point it out and yell? Do you provide constructive feedback about ways to improve or hit the mark next time? Are there incentives for a job well done? If your employees fear failure, you will lose qualities like innovation.
  6. Make sure you have a performance evaluation in place. Do your employees know what they are doing well? How about areas of improvement? Do they know the value they bring to your business? Feedback (constructive, of course) in the workplace is invaluable. In addition, it’s a good idea to have multiple forms of feedback to ensure a fair evaluation. Sources of feedback can be from customers, key metrics, supervisors, peers, and/or subordinates. The feedback can be in the form of surveys, dashboards, roundtable discussions, etc.

In summary, accountability is one of those characteristics a truly successful business needs. It provides traction to achieve your goals and vision. If no one is accountable for the success of your business (other than you), it will be hard to steer the bus in the direction you envision it going. Need help? We have the resources to help you create accountability in your business.

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