Digital Marketing Trends You Should Measure

Guest Blog by Tiffanie Honeyman, OpGo Marketing

You have your business up and running. But how do you spread the word? And how do you do it in a world that’s constantly changed by technology?

Digital marketing trends can be overwhelming. It’s hard to figure out which metrics matter most and what channels you should be focusing on.

Never fear! There are five main focal points to help clear the fog of digital marketing metrics.

  1. Customer Experience: Micro-Moments
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  4. Facebook
  5. Mobile

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about micro-moments in more detail. Stay tuned for blogs two and three, which will discuss the other metrics.

Customer Experience: Micro-Moments

With all the shiny objects in the digital marketing world, customer experience can be overlooked. Being customer-centric means having first-hand knowledge of what your customers want and being there at the right time to meet their needs. An example of a “micro-moment” would be when a customer is researching how to do something or deciding if a purchase is worth it.

To define micro-moments for your customers, develop personas and wrap your marketing initiatives around them by creating journeys and online experiences they will appreciate. Be proactive. Once you know your marketing is talking to the right people, in the right way, at the right time, set benchmarks for engagement and conversions.

How to measure customer experience.

Customer Feedback. Give your customers a voice, and you get valuable feedback on your products, services, support, and overall brand experience. There are many ways to give your customers a voice.

  • Emails
  • Online Surveys
  • Social Polls
  • Exploratory Interviews
  • Social Listening
  • Comment boxes

Reviews. In addition to the feedback options, customer reviews are another great way to shed light. Once you know you have a solid user experience, push for more reviews. Reviews will influence others who are making a decision related to your product or service.

On-Site Activity

  • Review the paths taken on your site that resulted in conversions to clients or sales.
  • Review the paths taken when conversions did not occur and analyze the reasons why, listing the differences from those that did convert.
  • If you’re doing e-commerce, investigate cart abandonment rate to know how many people made it to your cart, but did not buy. Investigate the “why” (i.e. Mobile issue) and make changes to reduce the abandonment rate and increase the frequency of transactions.
  • Review conversions by audience segment to learn more about the demographics, behavior, and interests of buyers. Apply this knowledge to future campaigns, include micro-moments, and find lookalike audiences.
  • Measure user experience by doing a site audit and assess whether or not your site follows best practices.

The driving force behind sales is meeting a customer’s need better than your competitors. If you are not creating an avenue for two-way communication in a digital marketing strategy, you are at risk of being ignorant of what really matters to your customers.

When you know what matters most, you can modify your marketing messaging to amplify how you are meeting those needs better than anyone else. Lastly, if you don’t create a great online experience for your customer, they will find someone who will.


One comment on “Digital Marketing Trends You Should Measure

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