4 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Friend

Have you ever encountered a situation where a friend wants to work for your company? After all, you started this great new thing and now they want to be part of the action. You’re excited – who wouldn’t want to get to spend all day with their friends? You are sure you have something they can do at the company. However, before extending them an offer, take a look at these four very important aspects to consider before hiring a friend.

  1. Is this role necessary? | Although you really want to find a place for your friend to fit into the organization, it is important to take a look at the position he or she will be filling. If the position is necessary to the company, then you’re off to a good start. One way to assess whether or not the position is necessary or if you are just making it up for your friend is to step back and think, “Would I post this position and hire a skilled person who isn’t my friend?” If you realize you are only creating a position specifically for your friend, you are not doing your friend any favors (more on this later).
  2. Does your friend possess the right fit and motivation to match your company? | It is important to step back and try to remember when your friend became interested in your company. Have they always been by your side, maybe helping you with business steps along the way, or did their motivation to support your business come only when they were in need? If you find that they have been a longtime supporter, you can proceed with caution. It is still important to keep in mind that your friend should match with the company culture and values, not just match up with your own personal values. This friend may be excellent to spend time with out of work, but in a business setting they may not have what it takes to fit in with the company.
  3. Are you planning with a clear mind? | As mentioned before, it is important to be sure that this position is actually necessary to your company. You need to consider what the position title is, what the day-to-day activities include, who your friend will report to, what the limits are on decision making and what some signs are that the friend is not making it in the job. Having these planned out and answered before hiring your friend can save a lot of time if he or she doesn’t work out, or if you realize that there may not be an actual position for your friend to occupy. It is important to do this planning with a clear mind, treating the friend as you would any other candidate when answering these questions.
  4. Are you prepared to have a tough conversation? | Having a tough conversation with your friend could come up in many different scenarios. You may have to inform them that they are not working up to par, or that you feel they do not fit with the company and that you will be terminating them. If your friend isn’t a fit for your company, you need to give them the respect of telling them directly, rather than beating around the bush and trying to make something workout. If you are unwilling or unable to have an honest conversation with them, it may be a red flag that having them working at your company will not work out.

Taking into consideration these four ideas will assist you in making the decision to hire a friend or not, and will smooth out the process along the way.

One comment on “4 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Friend

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