3 Cyber Security Considerations to Keep in Mind

By Joe Tillman, Eide Bailly Technology Consulting

By the year 2020, there will be three times the amount of connected devices there currently are today. This means there will be that many more devices at risk for a cyber attack.

To prep yourself and your business for the future, here are three security considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Gone are the days of the five year plans. Focus your time and energy on developing a 5 year “big picture” goal, rather than a detailed five year plan. Then, create seven to 14 month plans to help get you to that goal. Why? New security threats, regulations, legal requirements, market changes and technology will come at a rapid rate and will disrupt your plans. It’s better to be agile and adaptable with short-term tactics that tie back to an overarching goal.
  2. Avoid rigid behaviors. Technology is not the same yesterday as it is today and it will change again tomorrow. So put plans in place, but make sure they allow for flexible solutions that can change as the technology changes. Be prepared to address new and changing security roadblocks. Also, learn to adapt in order to maintain operations in the unfortunate event of an attack (unless shutting down your business is part of your business plan).
  3. Prepare to pay the piper. A recent report found that 70% of commonly used devices contain vulnerabilities. So you’re more than likely going to have to pay someone, whether it be an employee, or an organization, to help protect your business. Information security jobs are rapidly on the rise. In fact the U.S. Bureau of Labor predicts a 37% growth in these types of jobs between 2012 and 2022. So it’s best to prep now.

A version of this blog first appeared on Eide Bailly’s Technology Consulting blog.

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