The Lost Art of the Thank You Note

By: Allison Ausmus, Recruiter

Chances are that at some point in your life, whether it be personal life or career, you’ve had a reason to thank someone. Maybe it was for a gift you received or help on a project. We remember to say thank you when someone helps us, but when did we forget to say thank you after a job interview?

A few years back (we don’t want to date ourselves), colleges taught students to send hand written thank you cards after interviewing for jobs. This practice was seen as a way to show professionalism and was deemed as good etiquette – and it was the polite thing to do!

However, in recent years this trend seems to be disappearing. In today’s fast paced world of technology, showing appreciation by email or even snail mail (gasp!) is often considered a waste of time or seen as taking up too much valuable inbox space. And honestly, that’s a really sad trend.

Having a strong background in human resources, I know from experience that the candidates who send thank you cards or emails after an interview stand out (in a good way) because many candidates don’t take the time to send a thank you.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important to say thank you after an interview:

  • It shows character. Taking the time to express your appreciation for someone shows thoughtfulness. And who doesn’t want to work with kind, appreciative, thoughtful people?
  • It gives the opportunity to ask questions. If any questions or concerns came up in the interview, this is the perfect place to let them be heard. This shows you paid attention to what the interviewers were asking and what the company is looking for. You can address those concerns and simultaneously sell why you are the right choice for the opportunity.
  • It lets you reiterate you are a great fit for the job. You are able to address once more why you would be a good pick, and it also allows you to state what you like about the company and position. Ensuring the interviewers that you want this job lets them know how serious you are about the opportunity, and will help them differentiate between candidates.

If it comes down to the wire with you and another candidate, that thank you note could give you an edge. Sending a well written thank you note is a great opportunity to leave a memorable final impression with the interviewers, and could ultimately land you the job.

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