5 Tips on How to Be a Great Boss

We’ve brought you tips about how you can keep your employees, shared some advice on teamwork and helped you decide if it’s a good move to hire a friend or not. But what are the qualities of a boss that employees are looking for?

Throughout our professional careers, we’ve been exposed to all sorts of people in the workplace, each bringing their own unique personalities to the organization. Some of these people have been positive influences in our lives, while some have left a not so good memory.

Bosses are no exception. Let’s face it: there’s a good chance you’ve worked for some great bosses, as well as some who have made you want to leave your job.

In order to help you be the best boss you can be, we’ve provided our top five tips on how to be an excellent boss.

The boss works on improving his or her employees.  

We’ve mentioned it before that, without your employees, your business would be struggling for success. Of course it is great to focus on goals and achievements, but if you aren’t taking care of your employees, it will be hard to reach these goals. Your employees can only achieve what they are capable of achieving, so investing in them can help them be more capable of achieving more.

So, how does a boss work on improving employees? Some of the most popular options are through training and mentoring, and providing opportunities employees need and deserve. Providing these for your employees lets them know they are valued and brings meaningful strategies for employees to measure progress, improvement and achievement.

Although it’s good to spend some time on reaching goals, it’s even better to spend more time developing the skills and qualities of your employees; achieving goals will be a natural outcome.

The boss doesn’t put problems on the back burner.   

It’s hard to deny that every business has problems that occur. Sometimes problems come up that are strange in nature, or just downright difficult to deal with. How a boss handles these problems tells a tale of what kind of boss he or she is.

Problems that don’t get handled or addressed often times can end up crushing a team’s drive and success. They’re also a huge distraction to team members because the members often dwell on them, rather than focusing on their work.

When a boss ignores a problem, the employees tend to lose respect for their boss, and without respect from employees, it is very difficult to lead. To avoid all these downfalls, a good boss will address problems as they come up, rather than putting them off. No problem, no matter how big or small, will go away on its own. Go after every problem head on, and continue to be a good boss to your employees.

The boss helps everyone in the organization.

Almost every business has employees that are struggling. Whether it be personal life or work problems, these employees are hurting and it can have a negative impact on their performance.

As the boss, you have a choice to make in this type of situation. You could terminate them from the position so you don’t have to risk your business being hurt from their poor performance. The other option however, is what makes a boss stand out.

A good boss, rather than removing this employee, will put effort into trying to rescue that person instead. Be confident, helpful, reassuring and promise to be there with them through their struggles. You hired these great employees, and when they don’t produce how you expected, it can be very disheartening. A struggling employee has tons of potential and an upside, and helping them get there can be a rewarding experience for both people.

The boss isn’t selfish.  

When employees excel, your business also excels. What makes a good boss is how he or she attributes this success. In a business, success comes from everyone involved in a team. This includes top management (the boss) down to the employees.

Although you are a part of the success, it is important to remember your employees need and deserve the recognition too.

Consistently showing your employees how important they are and not taking credit for the team success will show you are a great and successful boss.

The boss stays humble.   

To your employees, especially newcomers, you are seen as famous. You’re the boss, you’re in charge and you guide your employees to success. So, when an employee wants to chat with you about something even seemingly small, it’s possible he or she just wants to spend time with you.

You’re presented with a choice. You can ignore the employees and move on with your day, or you can take this moment as an opportunity. It could be a chance to motivate and inspire this person. It is important to remember that the higher you rise, the greater the impact you can make on someone’s life. It also means you have more responsibility to make that impact on someone’s life.

Remember that you were once in that lower position and what that was like for you. Remember where you came from, and take time to be a great boss to your employees.


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