A Business Owner’s Thanksgiving

thanksgiving-graphicHappy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Eide Bailly! With the big day being tomorrow, we hope your turkeys are roasting, pies are baking and stomachs are ready to enjoy a delicious meal shared with friends and family.

There are many things people are thankful for– whether it be friends and family, having food on the table or good health.

What are you, as an owner, thankful for about your business?

Here are a few friendly suggestions:

  • You’re living your dream –Just like the pride felt from cooking up a delicious meal to share and seeing everyone enjoying your hard work, business owners should be thankful for the pride that comes from running their own business. Your hard work and determination got you to where you are, and you’ve been through the ups and downs of the business and still made it through.
  • Passion –As you watch some Thanksgiving football, think about the players who are passionate about the game or the fans who are passionate about their team. Business owners can also be passionate about their company and job. Most entrepreneurs love what they do, and channel that passion into their business to make it the best it can be. Being passionate about your business can help lead to success, and that is something worth being thankful for.
  • Creativity — As a business owner, creativity has likely been a key factor in getting you to where you are. Whether it helped you come up with your logo or even your business strategy, creativity has been key in helping your business come to life. The excitement and challenges that come with owning a business allow for a business owner to constantly call on that creative function to come up with new solutions and answers to make the business better.
  • Failure – Yep, you read that right. It is common for entrepreneurs to have faced failures throughout the process of starting their business. However, it is important to be thankful for these failures because they are also learning opportunities. When you work for someone else, you might not get the opportunity to take risks and learn from those failures. Being a business owner allows you to take risks and innovate with the freedom to fail and learn.
  • Flexibility –It would be difficult to not be thankful for the flexibility that comes with owning your own business. Owning your own business allows you to make your own schedule (most of the time), attend events without having to ask for permission or time off and to be your own boss. No matter how tough things may get, it’s rewarding to work for yourself. Although you may work extremely hard, the flexibility to be your own boss deserves some thanks.

 We hope you find many things to be thankful for not only this Thanksgiving, but every day as well.



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