Welcome to the Omni-Channel World

By: Eide Bailly Technology Consulting

 It comes as no surprise with all the advancements in technology that today’s consumer has higher expectations. Consumers expect consistency, flexibility and choice across all platforms. Successful businesses are taking advantage of these advancements in technology to reach out to customers and give them the experience they are expecting.

Enter the term omni-channel – unifying experience across all platforms. This approach is entirely focused on bettering your customer’s experience. Unlike traditional multi-channel marketing, omni-channel aims to provide a seamless, personalized experience with your business, whether it be direct or digital. By joining the usual gaps across channels, such as lack of interaction or inconsistency between messages, you give your ideal buyer a brand experience where you can always be present… and that’s pretty great! This can help streamline the buying journey and put control in the hands of the customer to determine how they want to obtain information, engage with your business and ultimately purchase what you have to offer.

The goal of omni-channel is to empower your customer with information to take action regardless of how they are interacting with your brand. After all, knowledge is power. Usually online engagements lack the personal touch of an actual conversation. On the other hand, your website has a better amount of content and material to help with the decision making process. An omni-channel environment aims to blend the strengths of each. This same idea can also apply to B2B situations. The easier it is for your business’ partners to access information, the better they can satisfy their own customer’s needs.

Today’s buyers love options. With omni-channel, options are not optional, because the message is the same across all mediums. By bridging the digital and physical, you allow your customer to engage how they want. By ensuring accurate data and allowing your customer to choose their preferred engagement and purchase path, you give them the power – and place your business in the “Easy to Work With” and “Gets Me” categories.

But, of course, this all requires the right technology solutions and integration across your business systems and touch points. When executed correctly, the end value to both your customer and your business’ bottom line is unparalleled.

A version of this blog first appeared on Eide Bailly’s Technology Consulting blog.

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