Meet the Team: Chad Flanagan (@chadflan)


What is my role?

Clients can expect an advisor that will help them in any stage of their business. I help clients in early stages of their business by understanding value and proper capitalization. I help mature businesses to increase value and plan for growth and manage risk. Finally, I help businesses understand exit opportunities and challenges with business succession.

I also specialize in valuing intangible assets including technology, patents and contracts. I also offer my business valuation services for estate and gift tax purposes, litigation and even the buying and selling of businesses. Basically, if it involves valuation, I’m your guy.

I enjoy sharing what I know and because of this, I have had the opportunity to present for the Business Law Institute in Minnesota, the Red River Estate Planning Council, Prairie Family Business Association and various other organizations.

Why are numbers important for business?

Numbers and financial metrics tell the story of where your business has been and where it is going. What you can measure you can improve. I work with a cool tool that allows me to look at real time numbers to benchmark clients against their industry and identify how they can improve cash flow, reduce risk and increase the value of their business.

Why do I want you to succeed?

I find it very rewarding to work with clients and help them grow their most important asset – their business. Watching businesses grow to reach their full potential means I have helped my clients reach their goals through all the necessary business steps. I take pride in knowing the advice and work I provided led to success for the client.


I come from a small town in North Dakota, so being in Fargo always feels like home to me. Fargo offers great opportunities in business, a great entertainment scene and a ton of dining choices. There is enough going on here to give it that big city feel, while still having the small town vibe I enjoy. The people here are friendly, and it’s always nice to walk down the street and run into someone you know.

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