Meet the Team: Lisa Fitzgerald


What is my role?

Here at Eide Bailly, I serve as the Director of Human Resources. I am also the Director of Human Resource Consulting. I am what they call a people person. In the consulting side of my job, I get to work with managers and small business owners to make sure they have sound people strategies in place to keep their business running smoothly. This can be anything from recruiting tactics to employee policy manuals to retention strategies. If you need HR help, I’ve got you covered.

Why are people important for business?

People are the heart and soul of any business, and are the core of success within the business. Without the right people, your business would suffer tremendously. You want happy employees so your business can also have happy customers.

Why do I want you to succeed?

I love watching businesses grow and become successful. It’s fun to follow the journey of a business from the beginning stages up to a more mature, established company. When businesses thrive it results in a healthy business ecosystem. When we have strong and thriving businesses, we all win!


Okay… who doesn’t love Fargo? I’m convinced that Fargo is the greatest city on Earth. From all of the things to do, to all of the shops and restaurants, you never find yourself bored here. The people here are warm and friendly, and the small town feel in a big city atmosphere creates a strong sense of community. I love Fargo, and I plan to stay here for life!

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