Meet the Team: Matt Stone (@mattdstone)

matt-stoneWhat is my role?

I have the pleasure of rolling out the Possibilities Center to Sioux Falls, SD and the surrounding area. In doing so, I get to meet with a lot of great entrepreneurs and talk with them about their business, ideas they have and the possibilities for their business. My overall role is to help small businesses grow using a holistic approach. This includes teaching them the importance of having good financials, how to use those financials as a valuable management tool and how to look at their business from the outside in, either as an investor or as a client.

Why are numbers important for business?

The old adage “the numbers tell the story” is true. With the numbers contained in your balance sheet and profit & loss statement, I can tell you what happened in your business for a given period of time. The number story does not end with your financial statements. Numbers, called ratios, can help you make important management decisions. Ratios specific to your business can help you determine if you are performing your mission and achieving your vision. Without numbers, your business becomes extremely inefficient. I encourage every business owner to find themselves a numbers geek and embrace them.

Why do I want you to succeed?

I was self-employed for more than 20 years, prior to coming to Eide Bailly. In that time, I experienced losses and wins. I want to share what I have learned in hopes you can leverage my mistakes and successes. You, the small business, are the backbone of the economy in the United States and the town in which you are located. When you succeed, we all succeed.


I love what small business stands for and what it is. Small business is America at its best. Small businesses signify independence, a drive to do better and to be more. I love the fact anyone, regardless of his or her position in life, can take an idea and bring it to life to create a better life for their family. All it takes is a definite primary aim, faith and action!

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