Jenni Huotari

Jenni Huotari, Partner, Director of the Possibilities Center
Jenni is your typical accounting nerd with a passion for financial information and all things numbers (she promises it’s not as boring as it sounds). She also loves business operations, helping you get the most out of your human capital and working with small business clients to help ensure they’re financially sound and ready for their next step. Of course, she wouldn’t mind doing this over a cocktail or at a sporting event. Follow her on Twitter

Amber Ferrie

Amber Ferrie, Partner
Amber has way too many initials after her name (CPA, ABV, CFF, CMAP), loves numbers and wouldn’t mind being invited to discuss business over a round of golf, or a cocktail. Amber serves as a partner in the business valuation department where she oversees buy/sell agreements.

Chad Flanagan

Chad Flanagan, Partner
Chad Flanagan wants to see businesses grow into healthy, thriving enterprises and help them through all their goals, from initial planning to sale. Chad helps value businesses (read, how much is your company worth) as well as provides management consulting services, including profitability improvement, forecasting and succession planning.

Dan Macintosh

Dan Macintosh, Consulting, On-Call CFO/Controller
Dan loves learning what makes businesses tick. With almost a decade of audit and tax experience, he strives to help real businesses solve day-to-day problems. Whether it’s related to process efficiency or improving cash flow (trust us, they’re things you need to know about), he works to figure out the cause and develop a solution that doesn’t add work to your already busy plate. Basically, Dan’s here to let you focus on what you do best.

Jim Ramstad

Jim Ramstad, Consulting Manager, On-Call CFO
For a long, long time (about 40 years), Jim has been providing leadership and guidance to organizations in a number of roles, including COO, CFO and CEO. The epitome of an advisor who wears many hats, Jim works closely with clients to initiate comprehensive business strategies, and provide business management advice and strategic guidance.

Katie Hutton

Katie Hutton, Marketing
Katie serves as the non-numbers person in a numbers world, overseeing marketing for Eide Bailly’s Fargo office. In her role, she implements marketing strategy, handles day-to-day tactics and helps CPAs break out of their shell and think a little more creatively (while trying to learn some financial lingo along the way). Follow her on Twitter

Kayce Halley

Kayce Halley, Tax Partner
Kayce knows taxes … and taxes … With more than 10 years of experience, Kayce provides tax services to a variety of clients, including a number of small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals.

Lisa Fitzgerald

Lisa Fitzgerald, Director of Human Resources, HR Consulting
Lisa Fitzgerald knows people. With more than 20 years of experience in human resources, Lisa works to ensure organizations have the policies and procedures in place to encourage, empower and support their people. From hiring to exit, Lisa’s diverse background enables her to work with clients and provide valuable knowledge on HR policies and strategies for growing businesses. After all, without the right people in the right seats, you’ll have to do it all yourself … and that doesn’t sound fun at all.

Matt Stone

Matt Stone, Manager
An entrepreneur himself, Matt has a passion for helping others develop their idea into a prosperous business. For more than a decade, he has been helping business owners start, improve, protect and realize the most from their business. Understanding the demands a business has on the owner, Matt uses a holistic approach to working with business owners in and on their business. Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Sandi Piatz

Sandy Kundert, Accounting Services Manager
Sandy knows how to help businesses succeed. As accounting services manager, she handles a variety of functions for clients, including financial reporting, payroll processing, payroll tax reporting, account reconciliations, accounts payable and more. On top of that, she’s savvy with a number of different accounting technologies. In other words, she helps your business run smoother and you rest easier.

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