Meet the Team: Sandy Kundert

124What is my role? My role is to ensure our clients are getting the best possible Eide Bailly experience they can. I do this by making sure we understand what our clients need, what they wish for and suggesting things they may not have thought of. Then we try to match a member of our team with the client. If our clients are successful, then we are successful!

Why are numbers important for business? Numbers are like lab test results from the doctor. They not only show us the current health of the business but aid in what we need to do in order to improve over time. Good decisions come from being informed and numbers do just that.

Why do I want you to succeed? I have several clients I have worked with for many years. You get to know each other on a personal level and they become like family. I always feel a little pride when my clients have a win, no matter how big or small and I’m thankful they let me be a part of that.

#ILoveSmallBiz – Whether a small business succeeds or fails, it has a huge impact on their employees, customers, and the local economy. By helping small businesses succeed, we all become winners.

Meet the Team: Angie Ziegler

6147What is my role?

My role is to make sure that all business owners feel understood and educated with what the team provides them, whether it be accounting or payroll. I want to make sure business owners understand the information they are being provided so they can make smart, informed decisions about their business. I strive for the team and me to connect with the business owners in order to build a trustworthy relationship.

Why are numbers important for business?

Numbers are a road map! This map is a journey for the business owner to visually see how their risk and rewards play out, and where these decisions might lead them. The numbers allow us to show a business owner the past, present and future of their business, which can help them make better decision for the future.

Why do I want you to succeed?

I enjoy that feeling you get when you walk out of a business and realize they really value the service you provided them.  If they feel success, then so do I!  A lot of business owners don’t understand and/or really struggle with accounting and payroll, so when I can come in and explain it in a different way that makes sense, we all win and feel a sense of accomplishment.  When the payroll makes sense, everything else rolls along smoothly!


I love to see someone take a leap of faith and start a new business (seriously, how cool is it seeing someone chase their dreams?). I find it so rewarding to be a part of that leap of faith and to help them get where they want to be.  I love hearing the stories from our clients that start out in a basement or garage and then move into a large facility. The business owners have such pride in what they do and I enjoy when they share that with me.

Meet the Team: Stephanie Berggren

StephWhat is my role? My role is to help business owners by sharing and teaching what I love – accounting. Owners can focus on the fun stuff, like making their business grow, while my team and I can provide the accounting skills and knowledge to help them make smart growth decisions. My team and I can help them interpret the story the numbers are telling so they can have a better understanding of where their business is and where it’s going.

Why are numbers important for business?  Numbers are the story of your business. They tell the owner important statistics that, when understood and applied correctly, can help the business owner make informed decisions. Numbers tell the business owner what works and what doesn’t.

Why do I want you to succeed? When you succeed, we all succeed. I love the feeling of seeing businesses I worked with become successful. It develops a sense of pride in what I’ve accomplished, but also makes me excited to see where your business will go next!

#ILoveSmallBiz – Small businesses truly make the world go round. From job opportunities to innovative ideas, small businesses provide success and growth opportunities for our communities, which is a win-win for everyone.

Meet the Team: Amber Ferrie (@berferrie)

fgo_ferrie (2)What is my role? My role is to help business owners write the next chapter in their lives and their business’ adventures. That may be selling, transitioning to a management team or a succession plan involving family. When businesses are going through transitions, I come in to help guide them through.

Why are numbers important for business? Numbers tell the story of where you have been, where you are and where you are going. Understanding the numbers associated with your business can help you capitalize on certain opportunities and/or avoid disasters that may be lurking. Buyers always want to hear the story of your business, but they also crave the numbers and love metrics. Understanding these for yourself can help your business have a huge advantage.

Why do I enjoy what I do? Selling your business is a huge deal (no pun intended) not only from a financial perspective, but also from an emotional stand point. Being a CPA, this is one area that you can use more than just your love for numbers. You also see the personal side of transitioning a business and I find that incredibly interesting. Nothing in the M&A world is black and white. Each situation between a buyer and a seller is unique and has its own characteristics and challenges. Seeing all of those play out can be really fun.

#MidwestIsBest The majority of my work is actually not in the immediate area, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel the love around here. The Midwest in general is an underserved market in the M&A world, and I see a lot of opportunity to serve these fabulous businesses. I truly believe these people and businesses are the best, and Eide Bailly is lucky we get to work with them.


Meet the Team: Lisa Fitzgerald


What is my role?

Here at Eide Bailly, I serve as the Director of Human Resources. I am also the Director of Human Resource Consulting. I am what they call a people person. In the consulting side of my job, I get to work with managers and small business owners to make sure they have sound people strategies in place to keep their business running smoothly. This can be anything from recruiting tactics to employee policy manuals to retention strategies. If you need HR help, I’ve got you covered.

Why are people important for business?

People are the heart and soul of any business, and are the core of success within the business. Without the right people, your business would suffer tremendously. You want happy employees so your business can also have happy customers.

Why do I want you to succeed?

I love watching businesses grow and become successful. It’s fun to follow the journey of a business from the beginning stages up to a more mature, established company. When businesses thrive it results in a healthy business ecosystem. When we have strong and thriving businesses, we all win!


Okay… who doesn’t love Fargo? I’m convinced that Fargo is the greatest city on Earth. From all of the things to do, to all of the shops and restaurants, you never find yourself bored here. The people here are warm and friendly, and the small town feel in a big city atmosphere creates a strong sense of community. I love Fargo, and I plan to stay here for life!

Meet the Team: Chad Flanagan (@chadflan)


What is my role?

Clients can expect an advisor that will help them in any stage of their business. I help clients in early stages of their business by understanding value and proper capitalization. I help mature businesses to increase value and plan for growth and manage risk. Finally, I help businesses understand exit opportunities and challenges with business succession.

I also specialize in valuing intangible assets including technology, patents and contracts. I also offer my business valuation services for estate and gift tax purposes, litigation and even the buying and selling of businesses. Basically, if it involves valuation, I’m your guy.

I enjoy sharing what I know and because of this, I have had the opportunity to present for the Business Law Institute in Minnesota, the Red River Estate Planning Council, Prairie Family Business Association and various other organizations.

Why are numbers important for business?

Numbers and financial metrics tell the story of where your business has been and where it is going. What you can measure you can improve. I work with a cool tool that allows me to look at real time numbers to benchmark clients against their industry and identify how they can improve cash flow, reduce risk and increase the value of their business.

Why do I want you to succeed?

I find it very rewarding to work with clients and help them grow their most important asset – their business. Watching businesses grow to reach their full potential means I have helped my clients reach their goals through all the necessary business steps. I take pride in knowing the advice and work I provided led to success for the client.


I come from a small town in North Dakota, so being in Fargo always feels like home to me. Fargo offers great opportunities in business, a great entertainment scene and a ton of dining choices. There is enough going on here to give it that big city feel, while still having the small town vibe I enjoy. The people here are friendly, and it’s always nice to walk down the street and run into someone you know.

Meet the Team: Dan Macintosh (@dsmacintosh)

DanWhat is my role?

My role in the Possibilities Center is to lead our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. These services are designed to help you in all aspects of your business. We handle the back office accounting, Controller or CFO on call, tax consultation and preparation, even HR or IT. With a team of professionals with experience in all of these areas, we are able to fill the roles of many of these people, freeing up your time and financial resources to focus on your goals.

Why are good numbers important for business?

The biggest issue I see facing small and growing businesses is the ability to get timely and accurate financial information. The ability to get this information is vital to the decision making process, and can be the difference between accomplishing your goals and getting stuck. With a little work and our professionals, we can help you get the information you need to make sound business decisions.

Why do I want you to succeed?

I want you to succeed because it’s why you went into business in the first place. Not everyone loves accounting as much as our numbers nerds do. That’s why we’re devoting our time and talent to taking away a lot of the headaches, allowing you to focus on what you do best.


As the newest member of the Possibilities Center (I’ve only been in Fargo for a month!), I’m still in the honeymoon phase! However, I can tell you that my wife and I were ecstatic to move back to North Dakota after several years away. One of the biggest things I heard of Fargo while we were exploring a new landing spot was how vibrant the business environment was here. From drone technology to manufacturing to the entrepreneurial startup community to the rapidly growing more established business, Fargo has done a wonderful job of creating a true business ecosystem!